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Our Story

EquilibriOm by GB was born out of the need to find a product that could help calm, nourish and protect the irritated skin of our founder, Gabriela Bronz. She developed an autoimmune condition in 2015. Her skin has suffered reactions to every product she used, many foods, and environmental triggers such as dust. Each skin product she tried either did nothing or worsened her condition. 
That encourages her journey into researching high-quality natural sources and functional ingredients.

Combining that with her experience and knowledge as a health coach and her journey as a yogi. She was able to find a proper balance where wellness & beauty support each other in harmony.
Equilibriom provides solutions that enhance natural skin beauty and beyond to enjoy life at its best.

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Who We Are

At EquilibriOm by GB, we believe that beauty and wellness complement each other. We promote proper nutrition to the skin and beyond to the entire body. Providing products that enhance natural beauty, nourish and protect sensitive skin even in the most vulnerable moments where other products have no work before. 
We do everything with a holistic approach; we understand that each ingredient we use and consume significantly impacts our health and the environment. We use wholesome and nourishing ingredients, like plant extracts and butter packed with vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants to support health and well-being. Our products are free of toxins, fillers, and chemicals.
We want to share our love for nature, our passion for healthy living and empower you with information to decide that better supports your health.
Fresh is best, so we invest time and attention in our sustainable products to provide exceptional quality to our customers.

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Our Commitment

EquilibriOM by GB is committed to using high-quality natural sources, 100% functional ingredients to create products free of toxins and fillers, full label transparency, and No animal testing. We believe in supporting your body with a holistic approach. We value the importance of experiencing the natural beauty, green living and always invest time and attention in our sustainable products to provide exceptional quality to our customers.
We packed our products in glass jars to offer the best quality to you and support our planet.

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